There are different options for applying markings or symbols on your model. The most known options are waterslide decals. They are your best bet for smaller details. If you plan on applying bigger markings or bigger texts you should plan on using dry-transfer rub-ons or transparent vinyl stickers. For even bigger markings you use full-color vinyl stickers or better, paint masks. The easier option of both are the vinyls. Due to the fact they are made off very sturdy plastic foil, problems can occur when working with a very detailed model surface. When applying even the smallest structure like rivets can lead to a potential problem; panel lines are covered by them. For those who want to keep those surface details we recommend to use paint masks which are pre-cut vinyl stickers.

We are offering all of those solution. Please read the article description thoroughly so that you only order what your best option for your model is.


1. Waterslide decals

Waterslide decals have to be covered with a clear coat. Most of our products consist of them. The standard size for a sheet is US Letter 11.5 x 8.5". On set of waterslide decals can consist of only one or possibly more sheets. Sometimes you may only receive half a sheet. The product preview background color is a bright blue/turquoise in landscape format. You can find an instruction for the application here.

2. Dry-transfer rub-on markings

Rub-ons don't necessarily need to be covered with clear coat. They are of the highest quality of all our products, but also are the most expensive. Same as the waterslide they are fabricated on a US letter (17x22"), but as portrait format (two sheets on top of each other). The preview background is bright grey. You can find an instruction for the application here.


3. Vinyls for maintenance markings

This kind of markings are your best bet if you have an already painted model. They are pre-cut and easy and quick to apply. They have a slightly visible transparent background. The format here is US Letter as well, the preview background color is blank white - the transparent foil is colored in a slight grey. You can find an instruction for the application here.


4. Vinyls for bigger markings

They are mostly shipped if you have bigger markings to do, like aircraft roundels. If you use those instead of paint masks you can save the painting process. The preview background is bright grey and the preview format might be in US Letter (landscape). Please read the article description thoroughly. You can find an detailed instruction for the application here.



5. Paint masks

Every scale builder should consider using paint masks. Only if you paint big markings you can achieve a scale look while keeping all the surface details. If you have to paint multi-colored markings we one mask for every color. We did the order of use as a result of our experience, so please follow those. If you still have questions, please write us an email of call. Sometimes you can find additional information on the placement guide. The preview of the masks are on white background, the color of the foil is a green-grey. You can find an instruction for the application here.